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  • Why The Elder Scrolls Became A Popular Centerpiece for Fan Art
    A lot of people became curious about the background of the elder scrolls. As a result, they became quite a fixture in the world of history. Each of them had some interesting things to say and some people remembered them for the rest of their lives. They even became a sweet inspiration for those who […]
  • Just How Big Is Nintendo’s Fan Art Culture?
    Just as wide and popular as it’s games are, Nintendo’s fan art culture is spread all over the world. The company that gave birth to the legendary game, Super Mario, about four decades ago, has since developed many other big hit games. Nintendo games are simply the best, for a lot of reasons, ranging from […]
  • Is Game Of Thrones Fan Art Here To Stay?
    Game of Thrones has amassed a huge following of people who would love to watch all of its seasons over and over again. Of course, some of them haven’t even read the books but they know how awesome the characters are. As a result, a lot of new artists love making a Game of Thrones […]
  • How Video Game Art Became A Cultural Phenomenon
    A ton of video games became so popular that it would be difficult to not know people who really know about them. Some good examples would be Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto. In fact, some of these video games have been turned into movies. As a result, you have a lot of artists making […]
  • How To Make A Calendar From Your Own Art
    In the holiday season, most people are looking for a unique gift that they can send to their friends, relatives, and business associates. Though people are using their smartphones extensively, they can get drained quickly. So most people still use a calendar for planning their schedule, making a note of important dates. While there are […]