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How Game Of Thrones Inspired A New Generation of Artists

When Game of Thrones was being shown on HBO, it became such a huge hit that some fans had their own theories as to what was going to happen. As a result, you have a new roster of artists trying to make a name for themselves by making Game of Thrones art on various stuff like murals and even cars. It is such a bold statement to make but you are trying to send a message regarding how much you love them. While the series was ongoing, a ton of fans would go to the Internet to try and leak fake spoilers. Thus, some fans would avoid going online so they would avoid seeing the things posted by not going to the Internet that much. It would be worth it until they would finally get to watch the episode and their jaws would drop at what happens next. Game of Thrones would launch the careers of the actors and actresses who appeared in the series such as Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke. It is a battle among groups in that series and you will be curious to see who would emerge victorious in the end. Don’t be surprised if you see your grandfather watch several episodes of it. It is pretty addicting once you start it. In addition, you would want to go to comic cons where there are a lot of people dressed up as their favorite Game of Thrones characters. It is truly a pop culture fan’s dream come true.

There are some artists who are solely dedicated to making Game of Thrones artworks and you can’t really blame them for doing that. There is a lot of Game of Thrones characters and they are challenging to make from the eyes down to the hair. You can’t tell how amazing it would be to just give your own take on the characters doing a variety of things. Of course, if the show does not go your way then you can have them do other things and it won’t hurt that much as long as you are having a lot of fun. It won’t be long before you would want to play a bunch of GoT games with your friends too. It is amazing how the games are full of artworks and you will want to get into the act of trying to be as many characters as you can when the time is right. In fact, there are some really young kids who like making portraits of their favorite Game of Thrones characters even if they should not be watching the series since some scenes are a bit too graphic. Now it is too late and the only thing you can do is to appreciate their immense talent as that will be what they will be when they grow up and watch even more Game of Thrones episodes. Without a doubt, it is one thing you won’t mind doing for a pretty long time until you do it yourself.

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How Video Game Art Became A Cultural Phenomenon

A ton of video games became so popular that it would be difficult to not know people who really know about them. Some good examples would be Resident Evil and Grand Theft Auto. In fact, some of these video games have been turned into movies. As a result, you have a lot of artists making video game art. It is such a nice feeling to be making artworks for such amazing video game characters such as Super Mario and Donkey Kong. You can imagine yourself playing using these characters when you see the artworks. It is an amazing feeling especially when you are a bit older to be playing these video games. When you are a kid at heart, you will realize there is no harm in doing so. Besides, you would want to do it at times when you want to feel a little bit good about yourself. It is all about the excitement of playing these games only when you think about action video games. You will immediately think about the saddest characters of them all like Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series and Marston from Red Dead Redemption. There is a reason why there are many businesses that are all about having people play video games there for hours. You can expect those places to be full of video game art that people would indeed love.

When you play a video game with tons of characters like Marvel vs Capcom, you know there will be art for all those playable characters. In fact, you will find yourself playing as all of them when you play the video game for quite a long time. You can’t blame people for making video game art on public walls. There are places where it is legal and people would pass by and appreciate the artists who made them. It is great for people to appreciate these things at a time when we are supposed to stay indoors. Even if that is happening, the production of video game art still has not stopped. In fact, it is not going to stop anytime soon due to the fact that we all love video games and we are excited for more to be made. In fact, there are some forums that are all about video games being pop culture phenomenons. You can expect people to go there and dress up as video game characters and you know they are in there to have a lot of fun and interact with the people behind the video games. The Walking Dead is another wonderful video game and they would not mind having people dress up as those who already died then returned as zombies. Everyone loves zombie video games and this is no exception as you can tell people are ready to get it on when it comes to starting to play this game. In fact, a lot of artists love making zombie art of characters from Walking Dead and Resident Evil as it’s pretty fun.

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Is Game Of Thrones Fan Art Here To Stay?

Game of Thrones has amassed a huge following of people who would love to watch all of its seasons over and over again. Of course, some of them haven’t even read the books but they know how awesome the characters are. As a result, a lot of new artists love making a Game of Thrones fan art. Long after the final episode of Game of Thrones aired, people will still be making fan art. Yes, you can expect legions of fans all over the world to still be making this form of art until something similar comes out which would most likely not beat out its popularity. We all know that the GoT fan base is just too big all over the world. The TV series is shown on many channels all over the globe and you would be hard-pressed if you don’t see someone watching it. The characters will leave such a huge impact on you that it would be hard to forget about them in the near future. In fact, you can’t blame yourself if you end up buying a ton of merchandise about Game of Thrones as it will get stuck on your brain for the foreseeable future. You are lucky if you got the talents to be a huge artist in this world then you can make fan art on your notebook, wall, or even computer. If it is on your computer then it just takes a bit of knowledge to know what programs would be ideal for you to use until you get the hang of it.

Don’t be surprised if you still see people making Game of Thrones fan art ten years from now. It has become such a global phenomenon that you will see fans of different ages talk about it when you randomly go to a nearby bar or coffee shop. During Halloween, fans will dress up as the mighty characters of the hit TV series and mimic their famous quotes. A lot of notebook manufacturers would put Game of Thrones characters on them and they know a lot of people would buy them. It is not only on notebooks but a lot of other items like pens and cigarettes. Yes, the phenomenon has become that big that it would be hard to see a TV series in the future that would become a big hit such as that. The deaths in the series were so brutal that fans were caught off guard by some of the surprises. When you Google Game of Thrones fan art, you will come across a ton of good ones and it would be hard to pick a favorite among them. You can even contact the artist to make you more if you like what that certain artist has come up with. It would feel great to appreciate someone’s work especially when it is an up and coming artist looking to make a name for herself. It would make her feel nice about her awesome talents.

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Just How Big Is Nintendo’s Fan Art Culture?

Just as wide and popular as it’s games are, Nintendo’s fan art culture is spread all over the world. The company that gave birth to the legendary game, Super Mario, about four decades ago, has since developed many other big hit games. Nintendo games are simply the best, for a lot of reasons, ranging from the incredible concept of the game to the characters’ attractive features and costumes. With all these attractive features, the games keep the players engaged even after they have completed the game. A lot of gamers involve themselves in creating fan art, which is now a rage all over the world. Among games, Nintendo has the largest fandom.


Fanart is usually seen as violating the copyright holder and is considered illegal to be used in commercial and non-commercial projects. This is because it is not an original work, but a work derived from the original work which is neither endorsed nor owned by the creator. However, Nintendo now allows fans to use their characters to create fan arts and use them for non-commercial purposes. This came as exciting news to the fandom, and although they had always been creating fan arts, it only excited them more that they can use their fan arts for non-commercial uses.


Nintendo’s games are very popular for their aesthetic designs. The attractive costumes, game tools, and other amazing game features provide a hub of creative ideas to the fans. The fans put their efforts and show their skills in various forms like traditional fan art, digital fan art, photography and photo editing, photo collage, video fan art, icons and logos, and fan art comics.


Traditional fan arts are called so, because they are done traditionally, on paper or a physical canvas. This type of fan art enhances the skills and creativity of the artist. They require a lot more effort than the efforts put in other forms of fan art.


Digital fan arts are done on graphical designing applications. These are the most popular form of fan art. The digital fan arts do not seem to stop anywhere soon. This type of fan art enhances the creativity of the artist.


Photography and photo editing of the photos taken from a still of the game is also very popular. This type of fan art does not require as much effort as creating digital art and does not really require much skill. It is great for beginners and also be used by very skilled photo editors to create a more advanced type of photo edit fan art.


Photo Collage is also a type of photo edit fan art, where fans capture more than one photo of the same or different scenes of the game and collage it into one picture. They also edit these photographs or the collage itself to look suitable to the concept they want to convey.


Video fan arts are one or more videos taken from scenes of the game and are edited usually with music in the background. This form of fan art is popularly displayed on social media.


Icons and logos are made out of the characters or a tool from the game and are popularly used by the artists in their profiles.


Fanart comics are the best form of fan art that is used to enhance the sense of humor, creativity, and many other skills of the artist. The comics are derivatives from the game and are generally light-hearted and funny. This type of fan art is growing in popularity lately.